Benoît Morel, MD

Radiologist FMH
Pediatric Radiologist FMH
Former Senior Radiologist at the University Hospitals of Lyon, Lyon, France

Higher Education

Medicine at the University of Lyon (France)

Postgraduate Training

Radiology, University Hospitals of Lyon (France)
Pediatric Radiology, University Hospitals of Lyon (France)
Master Degree in Sciences, Polytech Lyon (France)

Continuing Education / Special Professional Experience

Pediatric imaging
Abdominal imaging
Interventional radiology



Honours & Awards

Inter-university diploma in Breast Imaging, Grenoble University Hospital Centre (France), 2007
Jacques Moinard Prize, Annual congress of the French Society of Radiology (France), 2008

Professional Memberships

French Society of Radiology (SFR)
Swiss Society of Radiology (SGR-SSR)
Swiss Society of Pediatric Radiology (SGNR-SSRP)
French Society of Pediatric and Prenatal Radiology (SFIPP)
Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)


French, English

Benoit Morel, MD
Radiologist FMH
Pediatric Radiologist FMH

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