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The institute

Our team is able to call upon innovative technical devices and uses the latest procedures for diagnosis and therapy – allowing us to provide optimum treatment in a minimally invasive manner. In the “Our services” area you will find information about the individual procedures for diagnosis and therapy. Our qualified team is made up of experienced radiologists, radiographers and doctor’s assistants, as well as additional employees in our call centre, reception and administration.

The close cooperation within our centre brings benefits for our patients: exchange of information on prior examinations and any previous therapies, conference sessions, consultation between colleagues in the event of complex findings. Even though as radiologists we use highly innovative technology, the patient is always the focus of our attention. Since the institute was founded, the team has grown and developed ideas for further optimisation.

The IRIS Three-Lakes Institute (formerly the Three-Lakes Radiology Institute) has been offering MRI scans, US (ultrasound) and radiography to patients from Seeland and neighbouring regions since 2015. With its singular position, IRIS Three-Lakes provides bilingual services in a comfortable and easily accessible setting. The medical expertise is shared with the IRIS Neuchâtel Institute.

»Healing means that man experiences what carries him when everything else stops wearing him.«


Our physicians

Iheb Bougamra, MD

Radiologist FMH

Sofiane Derrouis, MD

Radiologist FMH

Benoît Morel, MD

Radiologist FMH

Pediatric Radiologist FMH

Mehmet Ö. Öksüz, MD

Radiologist FMH

Nuclear Medicine Physician FMH

Jacques Perrin, MD

Radiologist FMH

Marc Giraud, MD

Radiologist FMH and Cardiovascular Radiologist

Catherine Waeber, MD

Radiologist FMH

Lysiane Rohrer, MD

Radiologist FMH

Ludovic Gustaf Perrin, MD

Radiologist FMH

Our team

Deborah Pais

Head secretary

Olivier Clerc

Chief radiographer Three-Lakes

Virginie Grossen

 Head of accounting and billing

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